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Fukushima and mass die-off

Birds Drop Dead In New Zealand And In Alaska After Feeding Close To Fukushima

16 December, 2013

5:49 into video above... 98 percent of the Pacific ocean floor 150 miles off of the Pacific ocean coastline was covered with dead sea life in late spring of 2011, after Fukushima happened on 3/11. 

The ONLY thing that could have caused that amount of mass die off and death is the fallout from Fukushima triple nuclear meltdown, triple spent fuel pool meltdown/fires and a triple China Syndrome.. Fukushima airborne radiation releases would be sufficient to cause a mass die off as the airborne fallout hit the water and then sank down through the top surface layers of life in the ocean, where almost all living species hang out; in the top 50 feet.

via eyechix;  2 years ago, public was warned in New Zealand not to eat the shearwater birds because they might be radioactive: "There are fears radioactive muttonbirds could be on their way to New Zealand after the migrating birds were found to have been feeding close to Japan's ruptured Fukushima nuclear plant. Niwa scientists, who in 2005 attached tracking devices to 19 muttonbirds, also known as sooty shearwaters, found nearly half of them were spending months at a time feeding off the coast of Japan."

Unprecedented numbers of shearwater birds are being found dead in New Zealand in 2013. Remember that these birds migrate to Japan and then over to Alaska before returning to roost. Over 33% of them are estimated to have died, and the ones that made it are in 'poor' condition. 

Massive numbers of these same birds are dying off in Alaska as well. Is this 'natural', or did Fukushima radiation play a part in some indirect or direct way? 

Add this to the massive starfish die off happening from Alaska all the way down to Mexico. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Fukushima radiation could be 
the cause.

Add to this the seal die off from Alaska to Mexico, the herring disappearing from Alaska to Mexico, the salmon numbers dropping by 50% or more as well. The Indians are saying that they have NEVER seen this devastating drop in numbers of salmon. Many of the salmon are turning yellow, on top of the huge drop off in the numbers returning to spawn. Fishermen are reporting that the salmon are NOT going up the rivers to spawn, but are staying in the ocean.  

Recently, a 12 mile stretch of beach was covered with dead and dying squid. Squid have washed up on the beach and were found dead, numbering in the hundreds in previous years. According to residents, they have never washed up dead in the MASSIVE numbers, covering MILES and miles of beaches; potentially millions? of them this year. Something is getting much WORSE.

Now add massive numbers of seals, walruses, and polar bears; all exhibiting the SAME SYMPTOMS of bleeding, ulcers, lethargy and hair loss starting only after the Fukushima nuclear mega disaster. This type of thing also has never happened before. (This can easily be caused by beta radiation burns, and possibly by plutonium as well, because it decays into beta radiation producing daughters.) 

Then add to the above never seen before numbers of turtles dying and washing up on shore in S. America in 2013. This is bad enough, but then the dogs that fed on these turtles died quickly. 

Seals, Walruses, Polar Bears And Fish ARE Suffering From Fukushima Radiation Caused Effects; via A Green Road

70% Of All Sea Lions Dying In California; Fukushima Radiation The Cause! via @AGreenRoad


Mass Die Off Of Starfish, Chitons, Abalone, Mussels, Sun Stars Pacific Ocean California To Vancouver; via @AGreenRoad

A sailor reported that on a journey from Japan to the US, that over 3,000 miles of ocean was devoid of all life, except for one whale that had a huge tumor on it's head and was rolling about in the ocean helplessly. 

The Deep Pacific Ocean Is Broken/Dead; Devoid Of Life For Thousands Of Miles, Where It Used To Be Filled With Life; via @AGreenRoad

Reports also keep coming in from citizens that the shorelines along the Pacific ocean coastline are 'devoid of life', sterilized and clean, with no fish, no mussels, no clams, no sea life at all. The tide pools are barren. They report that they have NEVER seen this before in their LONG histories of living on the Pacific coastline. 

Are these 'ocean sterilization' reports just a localized thing? Are they made up stories created by over excited imaginations, or is this part of the pattern that is emerging, with sober, common sense reports being shared by average people? Is the one sailor just blowing smoke and trying to get attention, or is there a HUGE problem developing in the Pacific? 

A few tests were done on a few seals by investigative reporters. High radiation levels were found in the few that were tested. If this does not raise alarm bells and start an emergency testing program, we do not know what will.

We urge citizens who want to keep eating Pacific ocean seafood to work with a local grocery store and get a food testing radiation device into at least ONE grocery or seafood store per community, so that residents can test their food onsite and immediately before purchasing it, since the US and Japanese government cannot or will not test food adequately to assure safety. Even pancake style Geiger counters are not sufficient to test food and assure safety. 

Why is it that approximately six nations have banned seafood imports from Japan? What is the US doing? 

Is this massive Pacific ocean animal die off the reason why the Chinese government banned all shellfish imports from the coast of California recently? Do they know something we don't? Is anyone testing shellfish for radiation in the US?

What is bio accumulating up the food chain in the Pacific? Who is studying this? 

Plutonium And Cesium Bio-Concentrates 26,000 Times In Ocean Algae, Up To 5,570,000 Bq/Kg in Land Algae; via @AGreenRoadhttp://agreenroad.blogspot.com/2013/04/plutonium-and-cesium-bio-concentrates.html

The massive release of radiation and the 600-6000 pounds of plutonium released from Fukushima dwarfs all previous radiation releases from any other nuclear accident by orders of magnitude. Theoretically, one pound of just plutonium can kill every person on Earth, according to Helen Caldicott, MD. 

Plutonium-238 From Fukushima Traveled Around The World - ‘Misleading’ Experts Said It Would Stay Close By, Or Did Not Happen; via @AGreenRoad

Fukushima Spent Fuel Pool #4 Contained A Full Load of MOX Plutonium Fuel; It Melted Down, Exploded And Burned; via @AGreenRoad

25% of #2, 50% of #3, 100% of #4 Spent Fuel Pools Burned Up And Vaporized, 100 - 1000 Tons Plutonium Per SFP; via @AGreenRoad

Fukushima Plutonium Detected In Lithuania - Toxicity Of Plutonium Scientific Animal Studies; via @AGreenRoad

How Dangerous Is 400-6000 Pounds Of Plutonium Nano Particle Dust Liberated By Fukushima? Via @AGreenRoad

Who is studying the effects of Fukushima generated plutonium, cesium, strontium, (plus hundreds of other radioactive elements such as sulfur and exotic elements never seen before ) on the Pacific ocean food chain, which ends up with 2 BILLION people eating that seafood? It only takes 10 Bq/kg in food to cause negative health changes in children, as proven by studies done around Chernobyl. 

Dr. Conrad Miller MD - How Radiation Concentrates Up The Food Chain To Human Beings - 10Bq/Kg Unsafe; via @AGreenRoad

The US safety limit in food is 1,200 Bq/kg, (insanely high and dangerous) compared to 100 Bq/kg in Japan, so even if the food is tested for radiation, odds are high that the testing 'experts' will just say it is 'safe', with no specific radiation results given, as has been their pattern with past incidents and accidents.

Who is protecting your children? Japan certainly isn't protecting their children. Are parents in the US protecting theirs? Time will tell, but the casualties are starting to mount up rapidly, in both the human and animal world.  


Birds Drop Dead In New Zealand And In Alaska After Feeding Close To Fukushima Nuclear Plant; via @AGreenRoa

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