Sunday, 25 November 2012

Solidarity with Palestinian marches in London and Paris


Thousands of Brits march in solidarity with Palestinians

n their thousands, they came. This time outside downing street with a message for their government. Organizers said 15 thousand people turned out despite a ceasefire that has a put an end to the latest war on Gaza.

Public opinion in Britain is changing. During Israel's onslaught on Gaza several opinion polls showed that a majority - not an overwhelming one but a majority - of Brits DIDN'T agree with Israel's actions.

Protesters demand their government hear their calls and stop their blanket support of Israel. 


Thousands rally in Paris to support Gaza

In Paris thousands convened at a boisterous rally in condemnation of Israel's aggression in Gaza. For many the injustice and bloodshed is a recurring nightmare from which the world must finally wake up.

The truce in Gaza may be holding but international anger towards Israel has only just begun. Israel has escaped accountability before, but the world may finally stop looking the other

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