Saturday, 28 April 2012

CNN removes Ron Paul from its polls

What strikes me is the rank hypocrisy of attacking Russia for electoral abuses while this is going on.

CNN Ron Paul Conspiracy? Ron Paul Completely Removed From Election Polls 
Revolutionary Politics reveals the outright conspiracy, and manipulation of politics by a major news network. "CNN completely removes Ron Paul from its polls.

25 April, 2012

It seems to be a clear message, that shows how the news media can manipulate the truth. It is a deliberate out of sight out of mind tactic, that has been used by mainstream media to control the mindset of its viewers.

This latest move by "CNN' puts it in the category of news that can not be taken seriously, or that can even be labeled as credible. Why is there a smear campaign on Dr. Paul?

Because, he represents something that it seems has never before been in any presidential election since John F. Kennedy, the "truth' and his genuine concern for all people in the United State, and the rest of the world.

Dr. Paul is one of the few politicians who have fought for the freedom, against bills that continue to take away more, and more from the people. Dr. Paul is the only candidate who seeks to be president, that has served in a war.

Dr. Paul is the only candidate, who continuously uses the word "peace" and the only one who wishes not to continue on with the program of the NWO. Dr. Paul is a threat, and a growing one at that.

People are waking up, and the fraud, lies, untold truths are being revealed. The people are the voice, and media for Ron Paul, and continue to spread the message of a man the mainstream news want to forget.

Ron Paul 2012 the only hope for mankind.......

In March of 2012, "RT" interviews a young Ron Paul campaigner, who defends Dr. Paul, and exposes the media bias, and lies.

Even Dr. Paul had something to say about the corruption of the GOP, and how media is manipulating the truth, which has finally been put on the table, thanks to digital reporters.

"Fight for Freedom" gives the latest update. "FOX News" even if they aren't speaking with enthusiasm had to admit Ron Paul will be in Tampa, after it was reported he would not. Also reported, is that mainstream media is starting to report the truth about Dr. Paul, because it is in their face. Here are the states where Ron Paul it has been projected that Dr. Paul is a winner.

Tampa is important, and Ron Paul it is up to the Ron Paul supporters to make sure his name is on the ballot.

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