Thursday, 16 February 2012

Occupy and Tea Party talk to each other

Occupy & Tea Party Hold Beer Summit at CPAC
It would have been just any mundane clash of civilizations with points thrown and missed until a Mad Hatter in the form of the gregarious Tea Partier appears in the thick of the stand off between Occupiers and Conservatives and says - hey stop shouting at each other - you got at least 60% in common - so lets have some beers (many beers) and discuss this. 

And so began the Beer Summit an initiative between possibly the minuteman wing of the Tea Party - attendees at the CPAC and some of the Occupiers who came to protest CPAC.

At the CPAC-Occupy beer summit

Over drinks, foot soldiers of the left and right explore what they agree on: more than you'd think BY JEFFERSON MORLEY 

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